Nationals Update!

Fudd Dusters spent the last two weeks in Marengo at the Cardinal Center for SCTP Nationals!

Here is a recap of our Nationals winners:

Bunker Trap Intermediate Division- 2nd Place Squad: Colton Swarthout, Kaleb Krumrey & Rhys Stewart Bunk

Trap Senior Division- 2nd Place Squad: Ryan Brown, Olivia Krauss & Jackson Schroder

Skeet Doubles Open Division- 1st Place Squad: Michael Fitzner, Olivia Krauss & Jackson Schroder

Individual Awards: Bunker Trap Senior Division- 3rd Place: Jackson Schroder

Bunker Trap Finals Champion: Jackson Schroder which placed him on SCTP

International Team Sporting

Clays JV Division- 4th Place Lady: Madison Krummrey Skeet Doubles Varsity Division- 2nd Place Lady: Olivia Krauss

Trap Varsity Division- 4th Place Lady: Olivia Krauss1st 25 straight in Bunker Trap: Jackson Schroder

1st 25 straight in Trap: Anna Swarthout, Kaleb Krummrey & Carson Danke 1st 50 straight in Trap: Brexton Hoffman, Colton Swarthout, Carson Danke & Kaleb Krummrey

1st 100 straight in Trap:Ryan Brown & Olivia KraussAll-State Team for Sporting Clays: Olivia Krauss

All-State Team for Trap: Jackson SchroderAll Scholastic Team: Madison Krummrey & Jackson Schroder.

Quick Links and Information

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